gamme nutz pet care
gamme nutz pet care

Our care and massage oil

For intensive and complete care, it’s important to start the routine with the relaxing Lysa oil. You can massage your dog thanks to Lysa and this way, your dog calms down and feels incredible. You can use the oil before shampooing your dog. It forms a protective layer on the coat, keeping the skin naturally moisturised. The result ? Your dog is not only relaxed, but his coat is also nourished and shiny.

Our shampoos

Long hair, short hair, sensitive skin etc.? Your dog needs a care routine that is adapted to its needs. Nut’z Pet Care offers you a range of natural and organic shampoos, enriched with wonderful and carefully chosen essential oils. Our foams with a pH adapted to all skin types, guarantee the most gentle and effective baths.

Gamme Nutz produits naturels

Our conditioners

Long, short, greasy, dry… No matter what type of fur your dog has, it is important to use a conditioner after each shampoo for a silky smooth and knot-free coat. Our conditioners, infinitely soft and powerful, work effectively and allow a soft hydration of the coat. This makes detangling the coat much easier, leaving it shiny as never before.

A unique formulation

Biodegradable products

No harmful chemicals

pH adapted to dogs' skin

Foams to suit every coat

Gentle and natural ingredients

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