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Our story

Nut’z is a Belgian family business founded in 2022 by Bernadette and Frédéric. It is located in Meulebeke, a small village in West Flanders. It is a quiet, inspiring and creative place.

With 25 years of experience in the field of natural hair care, the two founders set themselves a new challenge: to create a unique experience for our dogs!

They thought “If plants can take care of our hair, why can’t they take care of our doggos fur?” The benefits of nature are everywhere, and even for our four-legged friend ! And that’s how the brand was born.

In a few words, what is Nut'z ?

It’s quite simple: Nut’z creates natural grooming products for your dog! The concept is to transform your dog’s bath into a pleasant and relaxing moment. All our products are carefully composed by ourselves, which challenges us daily.

With Nut’z, you can be confident that you are using high-quality natural products to make your dog happy. Perfectly soft for the skin and coat. It’s time for calmness!

Our mission

To propose natural and qualitative hygiene products for your dogs while preserving the health of both them and the planet.

Our vision

Nut’z wants to be the leader in eco friendly dog care.

Our values


Passion and love are at the heart of our business!


Being respectful to the animal well-being and the environment are our priority.


Transparency towards our dogs and their owners is very important to us.

Our strength: the Ecogarantie® certification

Our products are fully certified by Ecogarantie®, the strictest label in Europe. To do this, an independent control body is in charge of testing our entire range, and it ensures that it always meets the latest criteria of Ecogarantie. We have a 100% neutral position, as we do not control the products ourselves.

All the ingredients of natural origin are 100% organic, biodegradable and guaranteed without GMOs (Genetically Modified Organisms). Also, petrochemical ingredients are forbidden.

To test our entire range, Certisys (a Belgian independent control body) guarantees the authenticity of organic farming with certain ethics and transparency.

Our commitments

Belgian production

Nut'z is involved from A to Z, from formulating to manufacturing.

25 years of expertise

With more than 25 years of expertise in natural hair care, shampoo no longer holds any secrets for us!

Natural and organic

Our dogs have a sensitive skin and coat: we do not use dangerous chemical substances.

planete verte

Recyclable packaging

The protection of the environment also goes through the packaging! Our packaging is 100% recyclable. Let's limit waste and pollution.

Ecogarantie® label

Our products are audited by an independent control body to be certified by Ecogarantie®.

Our team

There is something unique about our team. We are all different but have complementary personalities. Together, we work hard and as one team. At Nut’z, we share the same values with one goal in mind: the well-being of your dog. We want to offer you the fulfilment and pleasure that you both deserve. The satisfaction of an owner and his dog, that’s all we want !











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